Fan speed thermal fuse repair

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Do you have the problem that your fans only work on number 4?

Very first thing to check is that you have your heater controls on the right way round. There is actually a difference between the left and right control knobs - and when removing them, sometimes they can be put back on in the wrong order, causing the fan to only work on 4.

If you haven't done that, then this could be your problem!! It’s the thermal fuse which is located in your fan control housing. You can buy them from Maplins fairly cheap:

Thermal Fuse 184C RA19V £0.71

actual size

Firstly you need to remove the under dash tray from the passenger side of the car. It has 3 screws at the front, 2 on the right, and then 2 at the back attached to the floor through the carpet, unless they’ve been lost!!


With a quick yank towards you, and then push downwards, the tray should come loose. Be careful it doesn’t get stuck on the centre console; you’ll see what I mean when you do it.

Next step is to locate the blower motor.


Once located the next step is to remove the electrical connector.


In order to remove the housing unit itself, you need to locate the locking spigot and pull it down with you right hand, as pictured. Its quite stiff, but it will move. You then need to get your left hand on the fan unit and twist “CLOCKWISE”, which is the opposite to how you’d think it would be!!!


Once you have the unit removed you can start to work on the thermal fuse. To remove the fuse unit you need to push the upper clip “UP”, and then pull the fuse housing out, this will reveal the fuse!


In order to replace the fuse you need to heat the solder and pull out with needle nose pliers, or snip the fuse wire on each end, and then solder your new fuse in its place. If possible use your pliers as a heat sink, and don’t leave the soldering iron on too long, or you’ll need some more fuses!!


Once finished, replace the fuse cover, and replace the unit back in the car in reverse order.

Hopefully you now have the fan working on 1,2,3 & 4. Enjoy!!!